About PSI


Purchasing Solutions International, Inc (PSI) utilizes various fee structures depending on the nature of the project. No goods are ever marked up and all vendor invoices are available for review and inspection. The fee options are as follows:

Flat Fee

The fee is based on an analysis of the nature and quantity of items to be purchased and the project's schedule. This option is best suited to a project with a well-defined scope of work.

Discounted Fee Plus Savings Bonus

This option has a lower initial flat fee with a savings bonus paid at the end of the project. The bonus is based on a percentage of the total savings achieved by Purchasing Solutions International for their contracted scope of work.

Percentage of Project Budget

This option is best when the scope of work and project schedule are not defined or when purchases are made on an item by item basis rather than for a finite project scope.

Hourly Consulting Fees

Fees are based on a time and materials basis for advice and consultation.

Once the fee arrangement has been determined, a monthly payment schedule is established. A retainer is normally required to initiate services and the fee for the remaining months is apportioned according to the amount of work anticipated for each phase of the project. If the scope or schedule of a project are expanded later, an additional fee is charged.

In addition to the fee, PSI invoices on a monthly basis for reimbursable expenses. These include travel, express delivery and any other non-overhead items associated with the project.